Crap I want to buy, a series

I’m not sure what to call this series. “Things I think I need”, “On my to-buy list”, “Useless items I want”, “BrittNeigh is frivolous”… insert your own title here.

So, without further ado, here is the current list… with some justifications maybe.

  • A dala horse.
    Specifically this yellow one: dala
  • A taxidermy form (wolf).
    I love telling people that I’m going to buy this and just leave it at that. In reality, it’s a big part of a costume project I’d like to make, though it would be a HUGE INVESTMENT and take A LOT OF WORK and I am unsure if I will actually follow through with finishing in. But since I figured out that there was a way to make it happen… it is pretty much all I can think about.
  • A cast-iron pan.
    I think this one speaks for itself!
  • A new summer dress, or five.
    I just want to buy dressesssssss.
  • A new jacket and also this jacket:
  • My Mom would haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate it if I bought this.

  • The Deluxe Pop-up Flash Bounce from Photojojo!
  • A black woven belt.
  • A reproduction of the Nike of Samothrace.
  • A TON of makeup.
    I have about 4 or 5 things saved on my phone that I want to buy at Sephora, including NARS blush (which I don’t need), a tarte eyeshadow palette (TOTALLY DO NOT NEED IT), some benefit makeup (possible need but more of a want), Urban decay primer (actually do need) and more tarte lipstick in red (totes don’t need). Maybe if I can stick to my budget for the next 2 months I’ll let myself go and buy one or two of these items.
  • Like, 10+ things from the Pendleton store:
    baby blanket
    Including this baby blanket with the big dipper on it (Have we talked about how I love the dippers?) and also the Glacier Park blanket and a Chief Joseph blanket and also one of their wool patterned coats and also their beautiful towels omg look at their towels OMG.
  • Disney’s Robin Hood on DVD.
  • This Constellation Mug
    Hi, I love stars. And I don’t need another mug. But yeah, I want one.
  • A potted dahlia to grow in my room and be gorgeous.
  • Actually, a bouquet of dahlias would be fantastic.
  • Tune in next month for… more things… I totally shouldn’t buy, but have decided I want to buy. Along with an update of which of these things I most likely bought.



“You need someone who loves you for your quirks.”

My boss said this today as I left work and it really stuck with me.

Valentine’s Day is an easy trap for a single girl to fall into. Even when I am at a point where I am perfectly content with myself, my busy schedule and my social life, it would be incredibly easy to allow myself to wallow. I could spend tonight sitting alone in bed, a small tear running down my cheek, just wishing that someone loved me in that specific way and that they had sent me a flower, or a rose, or a piece of chocolate the size of my face.

In lieu of this, this morning I gave each of my coworkers a PRINCE OF PERSIA Valentine (complete with a temporary tattoos) and I wore a bow-tie and red lipstick to work.

I am absolutely one of those people who dresses to theme for various holidays. If I do ever become a teacher I fully intend owning a heinous collection of ugly holiday sweaters. It is going to be glorious.

Taken awkwardly at the Cafeteria

As to quirks, I guess I am full of them, even though I kind of loathe the “quirky” label. (Or is it just labels in general? I am not… quite decided.) I purchased that bow-tie at The Buffalo Exchange for $6.50 last week (with a little encouragement from a friend) and I am kind of tempted to add it to my permanent list of quirks. A new bow-tie for every day? Is that too intense? Am I destined to become like my customer we refer to as “Mr. Bow-tie” because he always has a different one on when we see him? (He complimented me on mine today, by the way) Am I just trying very hard to be just like The Doctor? Am I going to have to start wearing a fez now?

I am not sure!

I have to say that I am pretty content with both Valentine’s Day and myself this year. While it would be nice to have a beau, I am glad that I am single (since I am busy and broke), and glad that I have friends and family who have bought me chocolates, assured me that they love me, and while that affection is not quite the same as a sweetheart, it certainly is wonderful in its own way.