things that make me happy

I now have a Twilight Sparkle on my desk at work.

Yeah, I’m kind of a brony. And by kind-of, I mean, I adore the show. It’s cute, it’s fun, it’s quick and entertaining. I love all of the characters and most of the episodes. My roommates and I collect the blind-box My Little Pony figurines and it’s becoming a serious problem. This is the first repeat I’ve gotten since December (we normally trade our repeats so everyone has an even collection) and she’s perfect for manning my desk when I’m not around.

I made a pinata.

I MADE THAT! If you’re not from Portland, or don’t know, it’s modeled after a quintessential Portland landmark:

While it’s not exact, the pinata turned out better than I expected, and was a huge hit at the surprise party I helped throw last weekend.
The hardest part was probably cutting the thick, heavy-duty cardboard into the shape of my state.

I’m going to have to make a smaller one, just for myself. I love Portland paraphernalia, and I love stags and pinatas.
It’s a perfect mix of some of my favorite things!
It’s also an excuse to cut more letters out of that fantastic gold paper. I don’t even mind getting covered in glitter because of it!

Frumples has a twitter account.

We’ve discussed Frumples, the dog who hates me, in the past. And I’m pleased to announce that my roommates and I are serious crazy people and also love his little hateful heart so much we made him a twitter.

Follow at your own doggy, hate-inducing risk.




This weekend I was privileged to throw a bachelorette party (with several other awesome ladies) for my best friend from high school, and it went awesomely.

Now, most people, when they picture bachelorette parties, they picture a load of screaming girls in pink wigs with a half-naked dude dancing around them. Confetti and glitter falls from the sky around them. Appletinis and Cosmos are splashed around incessantly. Most likely, in the background of this scene you’ll hear the song, “Shots” by Lil Jon and LMFAO, or maybe possibly “Single Ladies” by Beyonce.

For us, this was not the case.

My bride wanted nothing more than a super chill party with good friends, and that’s exactly what we organized. We stayed in a beautiful hotel, ate delicious food, and explored Portland as a group.

I love that my group of friends (and in this case, their extended friend network) can party and have fun without having to fit into any certain trope. (Of course, nothing is wrong with tropes. Tropes are hella fun.) We people-watched, ate blueberries and elephant ears, discussed bad romance novels, got to know acquaintances, watched a dorky movie, and shared desserts with style.

I can’t help but be thankful it went off so awesomely and stress-free! Even the part where some of us had to split a dozen doughnuts at Voodoo!


I kind of feel like I’ve passed some sort of Life Achievement with this weekend.