Oregon Coast

We went to Cannon Beach this weekend!

It was sunny and beautiful and full of people. We walked in the water until our feet got numb and then laid in the sand and almost froze to pieces.

I always think that the beach seems a lot calmer in retrospective. Vacation and travel is always so frantic that sometimes I have a hard time calming down and enjoying the fact that I am there. Don’t get me wrong, I love the beach. I wish I could move to the Oregon Coast and be cold and wet and sandy all the time. It would be awesome to ride my bike in the damp and feel my joints rust and chase seagulls every morning while I drink a cup of coffee.

Of course, vacation and life are two different things.

I think the highlight of our trip (for me) was discovering a rare Oregon elephant in the wild behind the ever-so-amazing Camp 18 diner.

I went with three of my girlfriends from high school. We had a fantastic time getting covered in sand and eating mustard pretzels on the beach.
I’m lucky that I have an enormous group of friends. I adore each and every one of them for completely different ways. The longer we know each other, and the more things we do together, the more we are a family.

And I really like that.


Camping, part one


No, seriously.

The first time.

I am from the Pacific Northwest and I’ve never gone, honest-to-goodness-actually-camping before.

Yeah, I’ve worked at camps, and hiked, and been dirty and rough and outside, but never for a prolonged period of time, and never slept in a tent.

It’s one of those things I used to quietly mention in conversations to the utter shock and confusion of whoever I was conversing with. “WHAt?!?! You’ve never gone CAMPING?!” To which, I generally gesture at my heavy eyeliner and red lipstick and say, “With this face?”.

But hey, I have now. With this face, even.

Anyway, it was awesome. I had the privilege of camping with a family I have been friends with since I was fifteen, who know how to camp, and camp well.

I don’t honestly know how to summarize the trip. It was pretty chilly at the campsite most of the time. I spent a quality amount of it huddled in front of the campfire, attempting to absorb the flames into my pores. Consequently, I still smell like campfire smoke, which wouldn’t be so bad if it hadn’t mixed with the smell of my shampoo, so now I smell like minty-appley campfire smoke.

So, yeah. It was fantastic. More to come, but for now, 10/10 vacation, would camp again.