stuff and things.

It’s getting colder in Portland.

Thankfully we haven’t hit our wet season yet: the cold is dry and not quite as soaking-into-your-bones-mildewing-your-spirit as they tend to get mid February.

But it IS very cold.

This week I had the tiniest housewarming party ever, in which I got drunk, played Cards against Humanity with some of my closest friends, and took zero photos.

This week I had the world’s best hot dog at Kenny and Zuke’s.

This week I got an electric blanket and took stupid selfies with my giant stuffed lion.

It’s a pretty good week so far.


What’s on my mind, September megapost

Yeahhhhh this type of post I usually do on Fridays, but the past three weeks have been so discombobulated, I’m tired of sitting on this as a draft. So, here we go! :

  • I LOVE the idea of this cake and this tutorial.

    But seriously, who is going to be patient enough to do this and not just eat the frosting?!

  • Such a great quote:

    “If you require any evidence that femininity can be more fierce and dangerous than masculinity, all you need to do is ask the average man to hold your handbag or a bouquet of flowers for a minute, and watch how far away he holds it from his body. Or tell him that you would like to put your lipstick on him and watch how fast he runs off in the other direction.”

    Julia Serano, Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman On Sexism And The Scapegoating of Femininity

    This quote really speaks to me. I sometimes struggle with being ashamed of how feminine I can be. It’s true though, femininity is incredibly powerful!

  • Look at the Blonds Spring 2014 collection:


    I love all of it. They remind me of my favorite Barbie growing up, 80’s space Barbie. SO COOOOOLLLLLL. There are way more pics of this collection here. I love all of them. Okay, maybe not the Tweety dress.

  • I am currently reading through this post about Men’s Rights and it is very interesting and well-written. I plan on using it as a resource should I ever come across a MRA in the wild.
  • I really really really want to make myself a Bat Wing shrug:

    I mean really. ADORABLE.

  • This week I am reading Tender Morsels by Margo Lanagan. It is really dark, and reminds me a lot of Robin McKinley’s Deerskin. I wasn’t planning on finishing it… until Margo replied to me on twitter and now I feel kind of OBLIGATED. It IS super well-written and that part is enjoyable. We’ll see how I make it through.

    Next up for me is Before They Are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie and I am SO EXCITED to read it. Though, I need to study for the GRE first… I am going to try and put off starting this book until Sunday… but knowing me, I’ll crack it open tonight in lieu of reviewing multiple choice questions.

  • You guys realize that my goal is that my house looks somewhat like this, right?

  • Sometimes I wish I had infinite money because, oh man, you guys, the deer figurines I could buy. But I also would totally invest in this kickstarter, because it looks super cool and Victoria Gannan’s art is beautiful. I might need to find an extra $30 in my budget to get a copy of this beautiful deck!
  • My blog/image source of the week is The Vintage Cowboy over on tumblr.

    These illustrations are all so cool and awesome! I’d love to have a print of one of them. I miss old book illustrations.

That’s it for this week!


So hey what’s up, I love words. I love the nuances of words. Sometimes that trips me up because I can be super careless about words, but man. Words are really cool. The fact that we use language and that in using a single phrase you can convey so many different things by using emphasis or alternate meanings of words and imagery just completely blows my mind. You got that? Okay, now I change the subject:

Hey, my name is Brittknee and I like to party.

Oh no, not that kind of party. I much too enjoy going to bed at a decent time.

Hahha, no, I really don’t like getting shit-faced.

Ooooh yeah, THAT’s my kind of party! Snacks and tea trays, lemonade and sangria. Banners and hats and good times and good food and good people. Maybe some drunks, but not excessive drunks. Maybe some dancing, but only a small crowd and only until 1 or 2am.

A friend of mine used to sneer at me and laugh and say, “Oh. You like TEA PARTIES.” as if there is something bad about that. DUDE. TEA PARTIES ARE OFF THE HOOK.



Sometimes. SOMETIMES people talk politics and it’s polite and interesting and fun and people disagree and decide to end their argument by shoving cookies in their mouth. You always have a great time–playing games or just listening to people talk. Catching up with old friends and playing with someone else’s new baby. Tea parties rock.

Last night we had a double-header for my group of friends. One friend is in town for a brief internship, and another friend happened to be having a birthday. So we solved the problem this obviously caused by having a party with four cakes:

IT WAS PRETTY GREAT. I’m not going to lie. I ate way too much cake and felt kind of sugar overloaded but we also had whipped cream and cocktail animals, cheese and wine and chips and spinach dip.It was a seriously delicious party. Of course, it wasn’t a Pinterest affair, but it was fun and awesome and full of great food and also cake. Did I mention cake?

I think the best part about our little gathering was that my friend Jessica purchased a singing birthday candle and turned it on while we were lighting ALL the candles. It screeched out “Happy Birthday” while we frantically failed at lighting candles and cupped our hands over our ears in pain. We are pretty good at moments like that, moments when everyone cringes and laughs in pain and horror in shared, silly misery.

I have had so much cake in the last few days, it’s ridiculous. I should be sick of cake, but I’m not. In fact, I’m wishing I had taken a piece home to enjoy tonight as I clean my apartment.

I need to get organized to have a housewarming/ check out my new place party, and you had better KNOW it’s going to be a tea party! It is going to be the sweetest tea party you ever saw. But first I have to survive secondary tax season and find the time to do it!

(images are from tumblr)

Welp, I moved!

It turns out that moving is exhausting.

Who knew, right?

Three nights of no sleep and unpacking and a stress migraine later, I am 99.9% moved in.

It seems more and more like home the longer I’m there, and it’s more and more put together every night.

There are still a few things I need to acquire for my place, like, a sink trap, a bathtub plug, a mirror and some curtains. I am currently living without a dresser, which isn’t a terrible inconvenience, but it is a little awkward just the same!

Three things I love about my new place:

  • My commute is less than a 20 minute walk to work.
  • My kitchen has pink countertops.
  • I live within walking distance of two places that sell things like this:

Now I just have to get home internet, and get re-focused back on studying for the GRE!

What’s on my mind – 2nd week of June

  • The PRETTY SNAKE Etsy Shop is amazing and terrifying and I need at least one of those cat t-shirts.
  • Since the weather has gotten nice, I go completely out of my way to avoid socks and shoes and to wear my Chacos.
    You guys, I am obsessed with these shoes. I got them last summer before my Hawaii vacation and wore them all over the island. While scuba diving, walking, hiking and lounging. They are the most comfortable shoes.

    I have gone through a few phases where the straps have been hard to adjust, but now that I’ve got that system worked out, they are the BEST shoes. They provide fantastic arch support AND give you the best tan line ever. The initial price on them is a bit hefty, but oh, they are so worth it.

    Yes, those are my feet.

  • The only reminder you have ever needed.
  • A few weeks ago, Black Prairie was featured in the iTunes music store and I downloaded their free single on a whim. I need to remember do to this more often- most of the time the music is super good, and this single has not disappointed.

    I love how melancholy it sounds! They are coming to the Rose Garden amphitheater here in Portland on August 6, and I am definitely going to try to attend.

  • My latest flickr contact is Alan Herbert, and his photography is beautiful, haunting, and terrifying.
  • So there is this book I just discovered, William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Ian Doescher and I super duper think I need it.

    I mean seriously, how awesome is that?!

  • Berries berries berries berries berries berries berries.

    I had some internal debate this week over whether or not I can/should spend the money on fresh raspberries again this week but omg berries so good lose ability to talk om nom nom feed me.

Camp cooking, or why I need a cast iron pan & possibly bigger pants

Camping was fantastic because all I did was warm myself by the fire, and eat.

No, seriously.

Do I start out all of my posts this way? Well, for now, I do. DEAL WITH IT.

I did! This marks the first vacation ever where I just drowsed around as an absolute lump, absorbing smoke into my pores (I still smell campfire at random moments), and basically did nothing. Oh, yeah, sure, I walked around, climbed a rock here and there. Did some dishes, tried to help with various things, but overall, nothing.

It really was glorious.

And yes, most of what we did was eat.

Bill is one of the most proficient cooks I know. Watching him produce excellent breakfasts and dinners has a quality of watching a magician. My favorite part about dinner, actually, was watching him raise his arms and release doves into the air after dessert.

In all seriousness, watching his practiced motions over breakfast and post-meal seasoning of cast-iron pans was nothing short of inspiring. Now I want to cook more! And also eat more delicious food. Om nom nom nom.

So, I guess I’m in the market for a cast-iron pan. Add that to my ever-growing list of “random stuff Brittknee thinks she needs”.

food is amazing


Case in point: Little Big Burger. TRUFFLE FRIES are so in right now.

One of the best things about living in Portland is the food. The sheer variety is overwhelming and when left to my own devices I tend to just pack my own lunch because it’s so intimidating. Do I want authentic BBQ? Korean fusion? Fake tacos or coconut curry? It’s incredibly hard to decide.

Of course, the instant I start to think to myself, “Hey, maybe I should stop going out and be a little less consumerist,” a hundred people make plans with me. Such is my life. As it is, I’m looking forward to some more Joe’s, LBB, Koi Fusion, and maybe some thai in my future.

Can you tell it’s lunchtime?