diary 6-27-14




In which I talk endlessly about fridges

When I first started looking at studio apartments, I had no idea how important it was to me to have a full sized fridge. The first three places I toured all had itty bitty mini fridges, and I quickly realized that a full-sized fridge was a MUST HAVE for my new place. I didn’t feel like I needed a dishwasher (and I still don’t, as nice as they are), but a full-sized refrigerator was non-negotiable.

So yeah, I was thrilled that my apartment came with a full sized fridge. It is the best and I love it.

Two weeks ago, my fridge looked like this:

And then I saw this post on Delightfully Tacky and knew that I had to get some chalkboard going on in my house.

So I bought 2 rolls of this stuff and a pack of these and got to work.

Putting on the contact paper took forever and was kind of difficult. My fridge has a couple of screws and knobs on the front, and also those big handles that I had to work around, but I managed to get the paper all over the front of the fridge without too much hassle.

And then I had friends over, and we watched Mega Piranha, and this happened:

And then flowers and more flowers

And then my sister visited!

This weekend I did a pattern based on a bandanna:

It doesn’t look that complicated, but my the end of drawing it my wrists were dying so I had to stop. Maybe next week I’ll add in some paisleys… or erase it and start over.

It’s an entirely frivolous way to kill time on a Sunday evening, but having some time to just think about design and art really centers me throughout the week. I also really enjoy having a friend doodle on it and being reminded of them after they’ve left!

My house is hella whimsical and there is nothing you can do about it. Except maybe come over and draw something crude on my fridge, I guess.


This week I am waiting.

I can’t really make plans until I get a phone call today. I can’t commit to social outings, I can’t project my next week, I can’t for sure say if I have an extra $10 to spend on a sandwich today because after this afternoon I might not.

It’s making me a little crazy. I’m used to planning. I’m used to going out and having plans and saying “yes” to invitations.

I should study tonight, but I have a feeling that regardless of that phone call I’m waiting on… I won’t.

But maybe this weekend I’m moving into a studio apartment? Maybe I will? That will be fun and crazy and awesome! And also stressful and expensive.
And if not? I’ll be sad for awhile, but I’ll also give myself a day or so to relax and spend that $10 on a sandwich.