So hey what’s up, I love words. I love the nuances of words. Sometimes that trips me up because I can be super careless about words, but man. Words are really cool. The fact that we use language and that in using a single phrase you can convey so many different things by using emphasis or alternate meanings of words and imagery just completely blows my mind. You got that? Okay, now I change the subject:

Hey, my name is Brittknee and I like to party.

Oh no, not that kind of party. I much too enjoy going to bed at a decent time.

Hahha, no, I really don’t like getting shit-faced.

Ooooh yeah, THAT’s my kind of party! Snacks and tea trays, lemonade and sangria. Banners and hats and good times and good food and good people. Maybe some drunks, but not excessive drunks. Maybe some dancing, but only a small crowd and only until 1 or 2am.

A friend of mine used to sneer at me and laugh and say, “Oh. You like TEA PARTIES.” as if there is something bad about that. DUDE. TEA PARTIES ARE OFF THE HOOK.



Sometimes. SOMETIMES people talk politics and it’s polite and interesting and fun and people disagree and decide to end their argument by shoving cookies in their mouth. You always have a great time–playing games or just listening to people talk. Catching up with old friends and playing with someone else’s new baby. Tea parties rock.

Last night we had a double-header for my group of friends. One friend is in town for a brief internship, and another friend happened to be having a birthday. So we solved the problem this obviously caused by having a party with four cakes:

IT WAS PRETTY GREAT. I’m not going to lie. I ate way too much cake and felt kind of sugar overloaded but we also had whipped cream and cocktail animals, cheese and wine and chips and spinach dip.It was a seriously delicious party. Of course, it wasn’t a Pinterest affair, but it was fun and awesome and full of great food and also cake. Did I mention cake?

I think the best part about our little gathering was that my friend Jessica purchased a singing birthday candle and turned it on while we were lighting ALL the candles. It screeched out “Happy Birthday” while we frantically failed at lighting candles and cupped our hands over our ears in pain. We are pretty good at moments like that, moments when everyone cringes and laughs in pain and horror in shared, silly misery.

I have had so much cake in the last few days, it’s ridiculous. I should be sick of cake, but I’m not. In fact, I’m wishing I had taken a piece home to enjoy tonight as I clean my apartment.

I need to get organized to have a housewarming/ check out my new place party, and you had better KNOW it’s going to be a tea party! It is going to be the sweetest tea party you ever saw. But first I have to survive secondary tax season and find the time to do it!

(images are from tumblr)


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