Welp, I moved!

It turns out that moving is exhausting.

Who knew, right?

Three nights of no sleep and unpacking and a stress migraine later, I am 99.9% moved in.

It seems more and more like home the longer I’m there, and it’s more and more put together every night.

There are still a few things I need to acquire for my place, like, a sink trap, a bathtub plug, a mirror and some curtains. I am currently living without a dresser, which isn’t a terrible inconvenience, but it is a little awkward just the same!

Three things I love about my new place:

  • My commute is less than a 20 minute walk to work.
  • My kitchen has pink countertops.
  • I live within walking distance of two places that sell things like this:

Now I just have to get home internet, and get re-focused back on studying for the GRE!


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