musical talent

This weekend I bought a toy accordion.


I mean.


My friend Mike and I got together on Friday and both invested in toy accordions. We plan to practice enough to get fairly fluent in short songs! So far I am haltingly okay at practicing my scales, and can produce a charmingly awkward rendition of America, The Beautiful. I’m sure I’ll eventually post a video of it. Getting the rhythm of the push-pull of the reeds is super hard. I hope that someday I can be GOOD at this and maybe play a full accordion. Don’t worry, I’m not the next Weird Al, but I might start serenading people around town. Or busking.

My plan is to get good enough for Christmas that I can reliably play one holiday tune on it to annoy my sister endlessly. My family will love it.

I’m not really sure why I’m so thrilled at the idea of playing the accordion. I certainly am not looking forward to the potential of being Awkward Soccer Mom who drags out the accordion to embarrass my future children. And meeting guys? Man, having an accordion pretty much cements me as a Manic Pixie Dream Girl of sorts. But regardless, the accordion really IS the only instrument I’m seriously interested in learning. I’m way more excited about it than I ever was about the guitar.

We have a family history of accordion playing.

Above is my Mom (age 2?) holding a toy accordion with my Grandpa Rudy (who I sadly never got to meet!). There’s also a photo of my Dad, floating around the family archives somewhere, of him at age 2 grinning from ear to ear with a full accordion in his lap.

I like the idea of being more musical and maybe performing someday. But here I am, at baby steps.

Of course, do I really need another project to distract me from studying for the GRE, grad school applications, moving, work, writing stories, blogging, and being endlessly entertaining? I’m not sure. But man, every time I successfully complete the C scale in the right order, I’m seriously filled with glee!


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