The final frontier.

And also, host to some really awesome style and decor themes.

image from Col. Chris Hadfield’s blog.

Space is “so in right now”. I mean, Mattel just came out with a Mars Explorer Barbie in collaboration with NASA, and 10,000 people signed up for a reality TV show on Mars!! In fact, according to this article on the Ancient Egyptians wearing meteorites, space has always been super trendy!

I am a little focused right now on defining what I do and don’t want my home and personal style to be, so I’m going to start doing some home decor / themed style posts. I’ve grown up thinking about home decor because of my Mom and her personal style, and I am super excited to start sharing links, outfits, projects and the like that illustrate the many, many things that catch my eye!

star collage 1
Pictures from L-R: Starry Night dress, 1928 from Hillwood Museum; Star garland by Art’s Delight; Girl dream decals by ccnever

I love the Starry Night ball gown pictured above. It’s neat to see old clothing with a motif that is still considered modern. Stars can be a great highlight in a bedroom, as a garland, decal, or accent. I really love using star garlands. They are less flashy than twinkle lights, but still pretty cool.

Twinkle lights can also add a pop of “space” to any location:
star collage 3
Pictures from L-R: Twinkle lights outdoors on pinterest; Twinkle light headboard on pinterest; My bedroom via my flickr

Yeah guys, that’s my bedroom on the bottom. I looooove my twinkle lights. They provide a nice, soft, ambient light for late nights, early mornings, and migraine headaches. I think my next light investment will be a set that actually twinkle. We will see how that goes in my own room decor!

I don’t know guys, there is just so much cool space, star, and constellation art out there. There are vintage designs, modern designs, abstractions, and beautiful illustrations.

L-R: Ursa Minor pillow by Pillowow; Cetus the Sea Monster by wellsillustration; Teal Constellations by elisemahanfineart; Antique Star print by TheCurators.

I can’t wait to actually start investing in the cool art I find on etsy. In the meantime, enjoy these, and daydream yourself!

*All collages made on


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