The Best of Charismatic Megafauna

So did you know that I am a part of a band? A band… on twitter.

This is how Charismatic Megafauna got it’s start:

My friend Laura tweeted this: “If I ever start a band, it’ll be called the Charismatic Megafauna. (c) 2013 for real”

Another friend, Amanda, suggested this: “you should pull a Sufjan Stevens and make each album about a specific species, e.g. CA condor, harp seal, grey whale, etc”

Laura replied, “I might have to go by continent or something…I kinda feel like there’s not much to say about the condor. Sorry, condors.”



The ballad(s) of the California condor
♫Ohhh in North America ♫ Condors like to eat dead things ohhh yeah yeah ♫
♫Ca-a-a-alifornia Condor ♫ They use puppets to raise you ♫ to release you ♫ to free-dom ♫
♫Condorrrrr you are so fine ♫ Condorrrr I wish you were mine ♫ Condorrrrr please don’t tear me apart (literally) ♫
(tweet 1 tweet 2 tweet 3)

One of the most beautiful things about being me is that I am easily entertained and that I don’t need much encouragement to continue being stupid in public. So I moved on to other animals:

Przwalki’s Horse Lament(s)
♫ Pony… you are not a pony, you are a horse… ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫♫ (softly) you are przwalki’s horse ♫♫♫ (whispers) you are mine ♫
♫Your mane is my main attraction ♫ I just want you to graze free ♫ in Chernobyl ♫ I won’t visit you i hope you understand ♫

(tweet 1 tweet 2)

Saber toothed love
♫Your tusks are ferocious ♫ Your eyes atrocious ♫ Please don’t eat me, oh Saber tooth cat ♫
♫ Saber tooth kitten ♫ you wouldn’t wear a mitten ♫ your fur is too coarse ♫ hey stop eating that horse ♫
♫ Saber tooth caaaat, saber tooth caaaaat ♫ sorry we keep calling you a tiger ♫

(tweet 1 tweet 2 tweet 3 [by Laura!!])

The Song of the blackfin
Blackfin cisco ♫ you are a fish ♫ a fish who is dead ♫ all of them ♫ Wikipedia doesn’t even have a photo of you ♫ Sorry about that ♫


Atlas Bear alpha
♫ Oh Atlas bear ♫ oh atlas bear ♫♫ you lived in Africa and you had an orange belly yeah ♫
♫It’s too bad you are extinct, Atlas bear ♫ Because you sound hardcore♫ man yeah ♫♫

(tweet 1 tweet 2)

Basically, this is one of the best games I’ve ever played on twitter. So I/ we are probably not going to stop anytime soon. Sorry if you have a deep-seated resentment against megafauna or extinct creatures, because, uh, unlike them, we are here to stay.

Stay tuned for further adventures with CHARISMATIC MEGAFAUNA.


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