summertime curse

It seems like every single summer something terrible befalls me.

Three years ago, debilitating wrist tendonitis.

Last year, osteoarthritis in my knee.

This year, TMJ.


Apparently I am so stressed out (??!!) that I am grinding my teeth at night. Or clenching my jaw, or something. Because I already have … well, I don’t know how to put it. A loose jaw? A clicking in the joint? Regardless, because my jaw is already uneven or imbalanced or something, this tooth grinding from stress is has pinched a nerve or something in my face.

You know how your face feels after you’ve had a filling put in at the dentist? You are kind of sore and achy, and your face feels numb and weird, but you can still feel it? Add a nice dash of “Flames. Flames on the side of my face,” and you’ll have an idea of how I currently feel.

When in doubt, I compare myself to Madeline Kahn. It works out.

That being said, it’s not that bad. I am a huge wuss when it comes to ongoing pain, and I kind of allow it to color everything I do, but really, I’m okay. I am mostly frustrated, stressed out, and annoyed that I hurt kind of regardless of what I do. It really feels like I have a summertime curse!

My doctor gave me a prescription for some muscle relaxants (yay drugs) but I can’t really afford to take them during work, because I will fall asleep!

I am trying to focus on the little positive things I did this weekend to distract myself.


One thought on “summertime curse

  1. I really do hope you’re able to get the jaw and the stress and the face-flames under control soon.

    And comparing yourself to Madeline Kahn is always a wise move.

    (Are videos embeddable here?)

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