What’s on my mind, July/August mishmash

  • It’s no secret: I am in love with this recent piece by Winona Dimeo-Ediger on The Frisky. “10 Things We Do Every Damn time We Visit Sephora”. Y’all, this is my life. Not only do I live vicariously through gif stories, but man. Sephora. EVERY TIME. It’s terrible. I’m currently trying to save up/ make some Big Girl Payments on things and putting off a trip that is totally going to end up costing me over $150. And I want to go there so bad, you guys.

  • I love this image. The little phones, the lettering (which, because I am a huge dork, I can tell is modified Neuland) the style of the kittens! So freakin’ cute. They would make a super awesome tattoo, in my opinion.
    Though, honestly, the style of tattoos I have picked out for myself is incredibly different than this style. Still… it would be awesome.
  • Do you guys know that chocolate chip cookies are my kryptonite? They are probably my top dessert. I am famous for loving all sweets, but chocolate chip cookies are way better than cake. (Though cake is pretty good, man.) Tessa over at Handle the Heat has posted an AMAZING guide for making good chocolate chip cookies, and how they look visually depending on what ingredients you excessively use or don’t use.
  • I love my local library. They allow me to keep up on my terrible reading habit of 2+ books a week. But the library is also a fantastic community resource, and MY library just posted an awesome list of 100 free things you can do at the library. And it’s perfect!
  • Advice panther says:

    Sometimes advice panther has good advice.
  • Say what you will about the cult of Honey Boo Boo, I can’t really weigh in on the topic since I don’t really watch television, but everything I see or hear about the show is awesome. It seems like portrayal of a real family that loves and values each other, and that makes me incredibly happy.
  • What you’ve been missing out on, on my twitter feed:
  • And finally, click here for some literary pick-up lines, because they are hilarious.


One thought on “What’s on my mind, July/August mishmash

  1. I think I need my very own Advice Panther to follow me around repeating this ALL the time. I apologize for everything, like the grass being green!

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