What’s on my mind, last week of August

I got a phone call.


I got the apartment!!!





I move on Sunday.


So my answer to the question of “What’s on Neigh’s mind?” really comes down to packing.


I’m really excited and a little overwhelmed. I have to call the electric company and the cable company. I have to sign papers and look for cracks in walls and document them. I have to coordinate my parents helping me out and find more boxes. I have to check underneath my bed and try to figure out which kitchen utensils are mine and which belong to my roommates. And these are all things that are PRETTY NEW to me which is SHOCKING I KNOW but hey there’s a first time for everything.

Here are future pictures of me from this weekend:



And here is a picture of how awesome the parties at my new studio are going to be:


IN THE MEANTIME, I got work to do, y’all.


Of course the gifs aren’t mine. And Maru belongs to Maru.


…waiting. In gifs.

Me all day yesterday:



cookie monster wait


bs wait





No phone call yesterday.


I bought myself a beer and a burger to console myself and kept myself distracted with dinner with a good friend.

I’m WAITING until 10:30am to call them.

It is going to be VERY HARD for me to be chipper and sweet and polite on the phone.

kept waiting hp

But I’ll try.


This week I am waiting.

I can’t really make plans until I get a phone call today. I can’t commit to social outings, I can’t project my next week, I can’t for sure say if I have an extra $10 to spend on a sandwich today because after this afternoon I might not.

It’s making me a little crazy. I’m used to planning. I’m used to going out and having plans and saying “yes” to invitations.

I should study tonight, but I have a feeling that regardless of that phone call I’m waiting on… I won’t.

But maybe this weekend I’m moving into a studio apartment? Maybe I will? That will be fun and crazy and awesome! And also stressful and expensive.
And if not? I’ll be sad for awhile, but I’ll also give myself a day or so to relax and spend that $10 on a sandwich.


musical talent

This weekend I bought a toy accordion.


I mean.


My friend Mike and I got together on Friday and both invested in toy accordions. We plan to practice enough to get fairly fluent in short songs! So far I am haltingly okay at practicing my scales, and can produce a charmingly awkward rendition of America, The Beautiful. I’m sure I’ll eventually post a video of it. Getting the rhythm of the push-pull of the reeds is super hard. I hope that someday I can be GOOD at this and maybe play a full accordion. Don’t worry, I’m not the next Weird Al, but I might start serenading people around town. Or busking.

My plan is to get good enough for Christmas that I can reliably play one holiday tune on it to annoy my sister endlessly. My family will love it.

I’m not really sure why I’m so thrilled at the idea of playing the accordion. I certainly am not looking forward to the potential of being Awkward Soccer Mom who drags out the accordion to embarrass my future children. And meeting guys? Man, having an accordion pretty much cements me as a Manic Pixie Dream Girl of sorts. But regardless, the accordion really IS the only instrument I’m seriously interested in learning. I’m way more excited about it than I ever was about the guitar.

We have a family history of accordion playing.

Above is my Mom (age 2?) holding a toy accordion with my Grandpa Rudy (who I sadly never got to meet!). There’s also a photo of my Dad, floating around the family archives somewhere, of him at age 2 grinning from ear to ear with a full accordion in his lap.

I like the idea of being more musical and maybe performing someday. But here I am, at baby steps.

Of course, do I really need another project to distract me from studying for the GRE, grad school applications, moving, work, writing stories, blogging, and being endlessly entertaining? I’m not sure. But man, every time I successfully complete the C scale in the right order, I’m seriously filled with glee!

What’s on my mind, 3rd week of August

  • This week has alternated between very slow and very crazy. I’ve been distracted by re-reading comics and my favorite trashy fantasy series so I haven’t been incredibly interesting, or productive! Refocusing on things I know pretty well has been helping my stress levels a little bit, though, so that is nice.
  • SPEAKING OF SPACE! This is a super cute video of astronaut Tom Mashburn having a fight with Earth’s gravity:
  • Fong Qi Wei’s photography series “The Passage of Time” is breathtaking and fantastic.

    I would love to buy a print of one of these photographs, which are layered time-lapse photography. Brilliant and beautiful.
  • Need an interesting read? Today I have been surfing through traditional Saints and terms associated with saints. I find the depictions and the symbolology of them very fascinating! Did you know that there is a patron saint of the Internet? He is often depicted as surrounded by a swarm of bees. That’s eerily accurate.
  • Ever have a song come on the radio and it is just perfect?
    Death Cab for Cutie’s “Bixby Canyon Bridge” is pretty much always perfect for me:

    I guess this is where I apologise that my taste in music is so mainstream, but man, this song is just so great.

  • I found Mikey Burton’s website last week and I am STILL ooh-ing and ahh-ing about the quality of his printing design and the style of his vector art. I think I love everything on hit site! I love looking at current newspaper and printed artist’s illustrations outside of the articles they are featured in.
  • I am a little skeptical of this infographic:

    I mean, seriously, that would make me a Serious Expert in Trashy Fantasy and Hercule Poirot novels. I don’t think that’s quite what they mean by “expert”. Besides that… I really hope it’s not accurate. Please, don’t be accurate, infographic. I like to think that more people take the time to read. Maybe not as much time as I do, but some time, at least!
  • This weekend I’m going to an amusement park, eating cotton candy, buying an accordion, and applying for a new apartment. Wish me luck!


The final frontier.

And also, host to some really awesome style and decor themes.

image from Col. Chris Hadfield’s blog.

Space is “so in right now”. I mean, Mattel just came out with a Mars Explorer Barbie in collaboration with NASA, and 10,000 people signed up for a reality TV show on Mars!! In fact, according to this article on the Ancient Egyptians wearing meteorites, space has always been super trendy!

I am a little focused right now on defining what I do and don’t want my home and personal style to be, so I’m going to start doing some home decor / themed style posts. I’ve grown up thinking about home decor because of my Mom and her personal style, and I am super excited to start sharing links, outfits, projects and the like that illustrate the many, many things that catch my eye!

star collage 1
Pictures from L-R: Starry Night dress, 1928 from Hillwood Museum; Star garland by Art’s Delight; Girl dream decals by ccnever

I love the Starry Night ball gown pictured above. It’s neat to see old clothing with a motif that is still considered modern. Stars can be a great highlight in a bedroom, as a garland, decal, or accent. I really love using star garlands. They are less flashy than twinkle lights, but still pretty cool.

Twinkle lights can also add a pop of “space” to any location:
star collage 3
Pictures from L-R: Twinkle lights outdoors on pinterest; Twinkle light headboard on pinterest; My bedroom via my flickr

Yeah guys, that’s my bedroom on the bottom. I looooove my twinkle lights. They provide a nice, soft, ambient light for late nights, early mornings, and migraine headaches. I think my next light investment will be a set that actually twinkle. We will see how that goes in my own room decor!

I don’t know guys, there is just so much cool space, star, and constellation art out there. There are vintage designs, modern designs, abstractions, and beautiful illustrations.

L-R: Ursa Minor pillow by Pillowow; Cetus the Sea Monster by wellsillustration; Teal Constellations by elisemahanfineart; Antique Star print by TheCurators.

I can’t wait to actually start investing in the cool art I find on etsy. In the meantime, enjoy these, and daydream yourself!

*All collages made on www.fotor.com

Rampant Consumerism

Remember my “Stuff I want to buy” post ?

Well, this is a related post. This is ME reminding MYSELF that even though I FEEL LIKE I have been good and not gone impulse shopping and spent a ton of money on silly things that I want… that I have still gone shopping, albeit restrained shopping.

Things I have bought in the five weeks:

  • A fantastic pair of fake rough crystal (?) earrings
  • This beautiful kitschy purple cow creamer. She vaguely reminds me of the cookie jar my Grandma Mary had when I was growing up.
  • Walt Disney’s Robin Hood on DVD/ Blu Ray. Disney’s Robin Hood happens to be my sister and I’s favorite childhood movie. It is probably the most worn-out of our collection of Disney VHS’s. (Followed closely by Bedknobs & Broomsticks!)
  • Some antique dishes!

    One of my dreams/desires for when I have my own, tiny, dishwasher-less studio, is to use stacks of mis-matching and beautiful china instead of a standard collection of plates. I picked up three of such plates this weekend and they are all beautiful! I love looking at racks of china, though I don’t have much use for fancy sets just yet.
  • A little tigerseye tiger

    (This is not the tiger I bought, I’ve had this chubby guy for awhile now.)
    I found another stone tiger last week! My zodiac sign is the tiger, and tigers are also my favorite animal, so double-whammy on the awesomeness scale, right? (Although honestly I do not have many non-favorite animals….) I have a small collection of wee stone tigers (now three) and I love all of them in their teeny tiny goodness. He measures about 2 inches long and has a great little stone face! I haven’t bought a new tiger in ages and he fits in my slightly-Japan-themed corner of my room quite nicely.
  • A lovely teal coffee table

    You can barely see it under all the stuff piled on it! But it is TEAL and it was $14, and it fit in the back of Jessica’s car.
    This table is perfect! It is a style I continually admire (a rectangular coffee table with a smaller, raised rectangle on one side) and it is the in-color right now. It almost matches my teal bookshelves and really matches my sense of style. I put a gold deer and a coaster on it, and it fits perfectly in the nook beside my bed.
  • A new gray sweater. I found it at Goodwill for $2.49 and it is hella cute! Aww yeah, bargains!
  • At least 10 milkshakes The only thing I have wanted lately is milkshakes.
    Milkshakes! Peanut butter or chocolate or pineapple or raspberry. This is the summer of the milkshake. Hopefully this unhealthy craving diminishes soon or I’m going to have to increase my “bigger pants” budget.

Buying stuff isn’t all that there is. And you do enough of that already!

What’s on my mind, 2nd week of August

Man! This week flew by! I took Friday off so I already feel the FREEDOM OF THE WEEKEND!

  • This morning I went out to breakfast to the Original Original Pancake House. It was pretty good, if a little crowded! I have to think that breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out at restaurants and diners. I mean, fruit crepes, pancakes, bacon and eggs are really just so, so good.
  • I just finished a 30 day self portrait challenge on instagram & using the app #abeautifulmess ! It was pretty fun. I lost interest in the last two days, but am pretty happy with how most of them turned out.

    Taking that many self portraits of myself made me think about what kind of photos I want to take, instead of just thinking about how I look in the photo. That was kind of neat.
  • My featured flickr contact of the week is ROA graffiti.
    You should totally check ROA out. These are amazingly detailed giant portraits of insects and animals and skulls on the sides of buildings!
  • Tomorrow I am going on a short mini vacation with my best friend! The plan is to go antiquing and listen to loud music in the car on the drive to our B&B.
    Coming up with road trip music sometimes is hard. This is my current favorite song to blast loudly with the windows down:
  • This week, my friend Laura at RubyBastille posted a super good article about one of her experience in confronting someone in public. The hollaback project is actually a super awesome website about this very thing! Street harassment has been a THING I have had to deal with since I was about nine years old. It is a weird and awful thing to deal with, especially at a young age. How do you deal with it? Usually, I just roll my eyes and try to move on with my life, but generally speaking it makes me feel super defensive and unsafe. I am super lucky that it doesn’t happen to me often, but it is a shame that so many people don’t understand how dehumanizing street harassment is.
  • This art series, Sit by Haiiro No Kaze, is DECIDEDLY BEAUTIFUL. I love how their abstraction makes the motion of their drawings even more dramatic and violent.
  • And finally, antigravity cat says hello:

The Best of Charismatic Megafauna

So did you know that I am a part of a band? A band… on twitter.

This is how Charismatic Megafauna got it’s start:

My friend Laura tweeted this: “If I ever start a band, it’ll be called the Charismatic Megafauna. (c) 2013 for real”

Another friend, Amanda, suggested this: “you should pull a Sufjan Stevens and make each album about a specific species, e.g. CA condor, harp seal, grey whale, etc”

Laura replied, “I might have to go by continent or something…I kinda feel like there’s not much to say about the condor. Sorry, condors.”



The ballad(s) of the California condor
♫Ohhh in North America ♫ Condors like to eat dead things ohhh yeah yeah ♫
♫Ca-a-a-alifornia Condor ♫ They use puppets to raise you ♫ to release you ♫ to free-dom ♫
♫Condorrrrr you are so fine ♫ Condorrrr I wish you were mine ♫ Condorrrrr please don’t tear me apart (literally) ♫
(tweet 1 tweet 2 tweet 3)

One of the most beautiful things about being me is that I am easily entertained and that I don’t need much encouragement to continue being stupid in public. So I moved on to other animals:
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gre part 2


You know, the ones from last year when I gave up on Grad school because I just wasn’t ready for it, and I hated everything, and I wasted $150 on the wrong test?


I’m taking the test this year. Next month, in fact.

This may or may not be contributing to my stress level.

I am doing my best to study and re-learn all of the basic algebra I learned in 7th grade and figure out how to apply that math to logic problems. I am attempting to learn new vocabulary. I am TRYING SUPER HARD because I really would like to go get an M.A. or an M.Ed. and maybe not get called out on how much I suck at math for a living.

I am trying very hard to be hopeful and optimistic. It’s hard to be that way when you continually fail math drills.

My goal this time around is to get into a Master’s of Education program. Specifically one that will allow me to specialize in college administration and advising. I have dreamed about working as a student affairs specialist since I worked at the local community college, and I am super excited and eager for the idea of having a CAREER GOAL. I’ve had half-hearted career goals since high school, but never a definitive drive for a specific field. While my friends became veterinarians, wrote novels, pursued mission work or created intense portfolios of creative work, I kicked around, saying, “uh, I don’t know, I could teach, I guess,”.

Teaching IS a serious passion of mine, but I have learned that I excel best on a one-on-one, semi-formal basis. The idea of standing in front of a classroom of students being called by my last name just straight up doesn’t appeal to me. The idea, however, of meeting one on one with a student and helping them figure out a problem in a relaxed setting, or buying them coffee or lunch when they can’t afford it, or helping them find a good laundromat, really appeals to me. The field of student affairs is ENORMOUS and there are A BILLION THINGS I could end up doing in order to help students on a college campus, and that sort of busy, helpful, and fun job really, really excites me.

I’m back to studying more today. About every other study session is either incredibly depressing or encouraging. I am forcefully BELIEVING that tonight it will be good, and remember and focus that my new goal is giving me extra life.