My Saturday, in fake tweets

8am: Sleeping in is the best especially when you dream about being a part of PACIFIC RIM

8:30am: The only thing that sucks about feeding Max now is that he begs for his medicine & drools all over my hands.

2013-07-14 15.51.11

10am: Can’t get enough of My Little Pony.

11am: I would enjoy snuggling with Max more if he farted on me less.


12:30pm: Oh yeah I should probably do laundry I guess?

2pm: I only have like 12 bags that I packed for my week long dogsitting job. I pack too much.

3pm: Mike took me to the library! I had 10 books on hold… (already had 8 on loan)

3:30pm: Oh it’s so nice to come home to… growls from Frumples oh and also poop in the living room, hey that’s nice.

4:00pm: UNPACKINGGGG why do I have so much stuff.

4:10pm: Somehow I managed to wash all of my kleenexes while doing laundry.

5:00pm: BLEACH IS MY FRIENDDDDDDDDDD. And hey, less stinky chacos, awesome!

5:15pm: Hey, eating like five pounds of brownies sounds pretty great!

2013-07-18 19.32.48

5:30pm: Let’s refold everything in my dresser, that also sounds pretty great.

5:50pm: Why did I eat five pounds of brownies that was not great #iamsodumb

6:00pm: I feel sad and my bed is covered in brownie crumbs

6:30pm: Hey, since I’m home, I should write out all of my recipe cards!

7:00pm: My hands hurt. Going to read some Johnny Wander, instead.

7:15pm: Now I wish I drew regularly and could do slice of life comics.

8:30pm: Compromised and wrote a stupid blog post.

Don’t be jealous of my downtime.


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