Throwing a party for people you don’t know

Last weekend I took a jump into the unknown and threw an open-house style party and invited a wide variety of ladies, INCLUDING ladies I had never met before!

Crazypants, right?

My variety of friends included, Jessica, Laura, a former Starbucks customer, my roommates, and three friends from twitter, two of whom I had not met in person before!

Pictured: Almost everyone mentioned above!

Everyone showed up and was totally delightful. I threw this party partially as an excuse to finally meet some of my twitter friends in a party setting, and also because all of us have had makeup-related conversations over the past few months. I figured it would be nice to have an evening of doing makeup, drinking wine, and swapping techniques.

It was fantastic. We watched smokey eye tutorials on youtube, discussed eye shapes, and ooh’ed & ahh’ed over everyone’s collections. We did fewer “makeovers” than I had figured we would, but regardless, the party was fantastic and awesome and I’d love to do it again!

Rainbow eyes on Jessica

Laura being incredibly gorgeous

Melissa being adorable before going to meet her boyfriend for dinner

It certainly wasn’t as put together, decorated or fancified as most parties featured on blogs are, but it was a fantastic evening, and that was all I wanted.


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