Today at lunch, a friend of mine stopped the conversation and asked, “So, do you wink on purpose?”

Hi, my name is BrittNeigh and I wink a lot. 

Is that bad? I surround myself with expressive people and an expressive person. If I can make a face to better accentuate a feeling or a story or my reaction, I will. 

I am also pretty flirtatious. With everyone. There really aren’t any exceptions. NO ONE IS SAFE. It’s not personal, it’s my personality. I just can’t help but flirt.

 But I’m also expressive.

Do you see where I’m going with this? The chances that I am flirting with you are 99% but the chances that I’m winking at you in flirtation are almost like .2% and oh my goodness I’m kind of dumb.


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