What’s on my mind, independence week

  • This week, and for the past month, I have been completely obsessed with the app A Beautiful Mess.
    This photography app allows you to add text, filters, cute borders & drawings to your photos.
    You guys, this is probably the most fun I have had with my iphone camera and instagram in awhile. You can see a lot of my edited photos on my flickr page, or you can check out the hashtag “abeautifulmess” on instagram and look at everyone else’s art!

    The most badassly romantic mug out there.

    Immediate post-curler aweseomeness

  • Whenever I start to doubt my sanity, I remember that this blog exists, and all is right within the world.
  • I’m slogging through my to-read list. This week I am reading Seraphina by Rachel Hartman, which is a novel about a girl with a MYSTERIOUS SECRET (aka one of my favorite tropes) as well as Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov, which is a sci-fi novel about people IN THE FUTURE doing MYSTERIOUS THINGS. I’m also attempting to get through A Random Walk down Wall Street by Burton G. Malkiel because what is not going on in my bank account remains kind of MYSTERIOUS to me.
  • These are the cutest swimsuits ever:

    Where do I find one with ruffles on the bum like that? Now all I need is for my apartment’s pool to open, so I can be raved about.

  • That being said, IT IS HOT HERE IN PORTLAND. Very hot. This is the week that all department stores sell out of fans and the hardcore rain fanatics seriously start dripping complaints about how “the rain is so much better than this”. As for me? Well, it is pretty freaking hot. I am, to an extent, enjoying the heat, but seriously, the lack of AC in my apartment just about killed me last night. I am thankful for my fan and for cold showers in the dark.


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