Camp cooking, or why I need a cast iron pan & possibly bigger pants

Camping was fantastic because all I did was warm myself by the fire, and eat.

No, seriously.

Do I start out all of my posts this way? Well, for now, I do. DEAL WITH IT.

I did! This marks the first vacation ever where I just drowsed around as an absolute lump, absorbing smoke into my pores (I still smell campfire at random moments), and basically did nothing. Oh, yeah, sure, I walked around, climbed a rock here and there. Did some dishes, tried to help with various things, but overall, nothing.

It really was glorious.

And yes, most of what we did was eat.

Bill is one of the most proficient cooks I know. Watching him produce excellent breakfasts and dinners has a quality of watching a magician. My favorite part about dinner, actually, was watching him raise his arms and release doves into the air after dessert.

In all seriousness, watching his practiced motions over breakfast and post-meal seasoning of cast-iron pans was nothing short of inspiring. Now I want to cook more! And also eat more delicious food. Om nom nom nom.

So, I guess I’m in the market for a cast-iron pan. Add that to my ever-growing list of “random stuff Brittknee thinks she needs”.


2 thoughts on “Camp cooking, or why I need a cast iron pan & possibly bigger pants

  1. I don’t even know what in particular one would do with a cast-iron pan, other than camp and kill zombies with it, but it would be cool to have.

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