Camping, part one


No, seriously.

The first time.

I am from the Pacific Northwest and I’ve never gone, honest-to-goodness-actually-camping before.

Yeah, I’ve worked at camps, and hiked, and been dirty and rough and outside, but never for a prolonged period of time, and never slept in a tent.

It’s one of those things I used to quietly mention in conversations to the utter shock and confusion of whoever I was conversing with. “WHAt?!?! You’ve never gone CAMPING?!” To which, I generally gesture at my heavy eyeliner and red lipstick and say, “With this face?”.

But hey, I have now. With this face, even.

Anyway, it was awesome. I had the privilege of camping with a family I have been friends with since I was fifteen, who know how to camp, and camp well.

I don’t honestly know how to summarize the trip. It was pretty chilly at the campsite most of the time. I spent a quality amount of it huddled in front of the campfire, attempting to absorb the flames into my pores. Consequently, I still smell like campfire smoke, which wouldn’t be so bad if it hadn’t mixed with the smell of my shampoo, so now I smell like minty-appley campfire smoke.

So, yeah. It was fantastic. More to come, but for now, 10/10 vacation, would camp again.


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