bang bang

I’m a little jealous of lifestyle bloggers who have a live-in photographer.

Or those who somehow manage to take adorable cute full body photos of themselves every week, guaranteed. In the meantime, I take stereotypical selfies.

I’m growing out my bangs. Dudes don’t really get this concept. Do they? Do you? The battle of letting your hair grow long and short and cutting and trimming is a never ending saga for most of us. It’s a huge part of the feminine personality. Looks are pretty important, I guess!

See also: I’m trying out purple eyeshadow today and you totally can’t tell.

But yeah, I’m growing out my bangs. Deciding to Grow Them Out is a pretty big decision. Over the past two weeks I have alternated between staring at my forehead, staring at the ratio between my eyebrows and hairline as if I could alter it somehow, and sweeping my hair back and forth in various lengths to determine how I would look with, without, with shorter or longer or spikier bangs. It’s also prompted me to vicariously look through pages and pages of google image searches trying to decide if I like the haircut or the color of the hair. It’s rough!

Life is so hard, you guys. Especially when your hair is always in your face.


2 thoughts on “bang bang

  1. I recently made the decision to get bangs and, even though I spend under ten minutes getting ready every morning, I spent several hours pinning my hair to the side, holding it, parting it at different places deciding if I liked side swept bangs. I’m pretty sure my boyfriend thought I was crazy.

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