well rounded

I don’t understand why when I blog here I feel like I have to have a different voice than I used to when I would blog on LiveJournal. The difference here is that on LJ I didn’t care about anything, and here I think I’d like to come across as a demure, sweet, well-spoken and well-rounded individual, when the reality is that I’m not.

Oh, I can be demure, if I so choose. And sure, I have my moments of sweetness. And every so often, I can state something so awesomely your mouth will drop open in awe.

As for being well-rounded, well, we can’t all be perfect.

This weekend my friends and I went out to the local arcade and played games for a few hours. I am slowly figuring out how to play pinball. (HOW ON EARTH HAVE I NEVER PLAYED THIS BEFORE 2 MONTHS AGO) I’m still not very good at it, but um, it is awesome. I ratted my hair into a giant mess of an attempt at a faux-hawk and wore spiky earrings. I proved that I could still score a 226 perfect chain in Dance Dance Revolution and felt like a super huge nerd for being able to do so.

I’ve learned in the last few months that I’m not really a gamer. Sure, I like the idea of games, and I think that games are really awesome! But I’m terrible at them. I have a hard time being a good sport at something I don’t really understand or have the reflexes for. I’m getting better, but still, games like Pac Man, or even the original Mario are pretty impossible for me to enjoy. I can still have a great time, though, and I had a lot of fun watching my friend Mike play the original TRON game (and put his name in the top 10 scores list!).

I think that I want to get better at pinball. How does one get better at pinball? All I know is that I’m going to have to invest a lot of quarters.


5 thoughts on “well rounded

  1. I end up with a similar feeling about games – I like them, they’re really cool, but I am GAWDAWFUL at them. I feel bad whenever I open up another dungeon in Guild Wars 2 because I run in all energetically and end up dragging my team down. Whoops. I just call myself a geek instead of gamer and let that go 😛

    • Exactly! I WANT to game! But I’m so terrible at it, generally the controller is taken away from me and then I cry tears of shame. OR I stop giving a crap and then cheat, and then make everyone angry while I mercilessly torment them. Either way, I’m nobody’s friend, lol.

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