long weekend

This weekend was my much needed “vacation” to recover from a stressful tax season. I spent time laying in the grass reading, running on the beach with a happy dog, and sitting on the side of a lake thinking about nothing in particular. It was incredibly nice.

My first tax season went well. I think I got off a little bit easy because of all of the political tax hijinx from earlier this year. There were so many required extensions that I didn’t get hit with the bulk of craziness that apparently hits every year. Maybe next year I’ll finally understand the weariness that everyone approaches tax season with. For now, I’m just trying to get used to a slower pace again. I kind of miss the “go-go-go!” pressure that the April 15th deadline gave us.

I am bone-tired worn out, though. From working, the slower pace, cat sitting, dog sitting next week, travelling, too much fun, and too much sugar. I certainly am happy, just ready for a nap!


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