long weekend

This weekend was my much needed “vacation” to recover from a stressful tax season. I spent time laying in the grass reading, running on the beach with a happy dog, and sitting on the side of a lake thinking about nothing in particular. It was incredibly nice.

My first tax season went well. I think I got off a little bit easy because of all of the political tax hijinx from earlier this year. There were so many required extensions that I didn’t get hit with the bulk of craziness that apparently hits every year. Maybe next year I’ll finally understand the weariness that everyone approaches tax season with. For now, I’m just trying to get used to a slower pace again. I kind of miss the “go-go-go!” pressure that the April 15th deadline gave us.

I am bone-tired worn out, though. From working, the slower pace, cat sitting, dog sitting next week, travelling, too much fun, and too much sugar. I certainly am happy, just ready for a nap!


food is amazing


Case in point: Little Big Burger. TRUFFLE FRIES are so in right now.

One of the best things about living in Portland is the food. The sheer variety is overwhelming and when left to my own devices I tend to just pack my own lunch because it’s so intimidating. Do I want authentic BBQ? Korean fusion? Fake tacos or coconut curry? It’s incredibly hard to decide.

Of course, the instant I start to think to myself, “Hey, maybe I should stop going out and be a little less consumerist,” a hundred people make plans with me. Such is my life. As it is, I’m looking forward to some more Joe’s, LBB, Koi Fusion, and maybe some thai in my future.

Can you tell it’s lunchtime?

oh wow. Almost… six months have passed?


I acquired a unicorn head.

I survived tax season!

I blew bubbles!

I made zero progress with the dog.

*Things not pictured: watching most of The Venture Bros with my roommates, beating Fable 3, buying an exercise bike, trying online dating super hard, deciding that online dating is not for me, getting drunk on April 15, buying furniture, enjoying a good steak for the first time, planning My Very First Camping Trip, painting my nails too many colors, spending too much money on makeup, cleaning and re-arranging my room, going to a live radio recording, eating a lot of mochi and froyo, and about 300 visits to Starbucks.

Stay tuned for clarification on a few of these topics, and probably like, at least one more post before I forget about this blog for another six months!