I might have a problem.

So, financially, I am kind of a nightmare.

Okay, not really. I don’t have (many) bills, I work 2 part time jobs, I try to get extra hours and I put money in my savings weekly.

But I still spend… a lot more of my income than I should. This week I was excited to receive my paycheck, since I hadn’t spent much of my last check (hello extra special shopping trip!) when I got a hospital bill in the mail. Oh lordy. Hurray hospital bills.

With that paid off I am left with a total of $(not enough money in my bank account) to last me for two weeks. So what do I do this morning? Order a new bracelet off etsy ($8 !) on my iphone, during my lunch break at work.

This is a visual picture of my shopping habits for you. Impulsive, silly, and utterly irresponsible, but not that expensive!
Maybe tonight I will draw a bar graph or a pie chart of how much stupid money I spend on silly things.

And so, consider this post a part of the preamble to this blog: the saga of Brittneigh’s stuff. Hopefully writing with care about the objects I own will motivate me to cherish them more instead of just buying new things (and stuff).


2 thoughts on “I might have a problem.

  1. I am with you! I don’t like to go to the store or I might come back with something stupid like a huge case of mozzarella sticks.

  2. Oh man…I totally understand this and hermit because of it. I love new things, never expensive things but I am a very manic shopper when I get depressed. Pre-David I worked a second job JUST for spending money for clothes/jewelry/shoes, etc…..And David dosnt help because he wants to buy me everything in the world I want…. >.< Ive taken to trying to make everything (or most things) because the process keeps me from wanting a zillion other things before I can finish one thing.

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