Today I spent way too much time figuring out what I wanted to wear to work and then I missed the bus. Twice.

So I walked to the train.

Walking to the train involves walking on busy streets for approximately five hundred years and crossing a distance that reminds one of the Oregon Trail. (30 minutes, 3 miles)

Here in Oregon, once our “Winter” of about 2 inches of snow and 10 minutes of freezing weather dries up, we start our in-between season of Gray, a seemingly never-ending period of time where it’s not sunny, it’s probably raining, sometimes it’s windy, and the sky is eternally clouded over in a haze between off-white and silver.

The biggest side effect of the Gray is that while most ‘natives’ love it, after awhile it wears on everyone and the universe starts to get grumpy. Seriously grumpy. Some years I can stave off this emotion for a month or two and avoid the inevitable depression that follows this period without sunshine, but this week has been pretty rough.

I have been seriously grumpy. A rough week on top of being unable to pick out a good outfit (I’m still not sold on it), having issues with my hair, and missing the bus twice did not help this state at all.

So I wore my sunglasses in the dark during my entire walk in order to stave off the grumpiness. In my Adidas track jacket and scarf, in windy-hazy-almost-drizzly weather, and with my hair falling out of its bun.

I probably looked like an idiot, but I kind of don’t care.



“You need someone who loves you for your quirks.”

My boss said this today as I left work and it really stuck with me.

Valentine’s Day is an easy trap for a single girl to fall into. Even when I am at a point where I am perfectly content with myself, my busy schedule and my social life, it would be incredibly easy to allow myself to wallow. I could spend tonight sitting alone in bed, a small tear running down my cheek, just wishing that someone loved me in that specific way and that they had sent me a flower, or a rose, or a piece of chocolate the size of my face.

In lieu of this, this morning I gave each of my coworkers a PRINCE OF PERSIA Valentine (complete with a temporary tattoos) and I wore a bow-tie and red lipstick to work.

I am absolutely one of those people who dresses to theme for various holidays. If I do ever become a teacher I fully intend owning a heinous collection of ugly holiday sweaters. It is going to be glorious.

Taken awkwardly at the Cafeteria

As to quirks, I guess I am full of them, even though I kind of loathe the “quirky” label. (Or is it just labels in general? I am not… quite decided.) I purchased that bow-tie at The Buffalo Exchange for $6.50 last week (with a little encouragement from a friend) and I am kind of tempted to add it to my permanent list of quirks. A new bow-tie for every day? Is that too intense? Am I destined to become like my customer we refer to as “Mr. Bow-tie” because he always has a different one on when we see him? (He complimented me on mine today, by the way) Am I just trying very hard to be just like The Doctor? Am I going to have to start wearing a fez now?

I am not sure!

I have to say that I am pretty content with both Valentine’s Day and myself this year. While it would be nice to have a beau, I am glad that I am single (since I am busy and broke), and glad that I have friends and family who have bought me chocolates, assured me that they love me, and while that affection is not quite the same as a sweetheart, it certainly is wonderful in its own way.

I might have a problem.

So, financially, I am kind of a nightmare.

Okay, not really. I don’t have (many) bills, I work 2 part time jobs, I try to get extra hours and I put money in my savings weekly.

But I still spend… a lot more of my income than I should. This week I was excited to receive my paycheck, since I hadn’t spent much of my last check (hello extra special shopping trip!) when I got a hospital bill in the mail. Oh lordy. Hurray hospital bills.

With that paid off I am left with a total of $(not enough money in my bank account) to last me for two weeks. So what do I do this morning? Order a new bracelet off etsy ($8 !) on my iphone, during my lunch break at work.

This is a visual picture of my shopping habits for you. Impulsive, silly, and utterly irresponsible, but not that expensive!
Maybe tonight I will draw a bar graph or a pie chart of how much stupid money I spend on silly things.

And so, consider this post a part of the preamble to this blog: the saga of Brittneigh’s stuff. Hopefully writing with care about the objects I own will motivate me to cherish them more instead of just buying new things (and stuff).

boom boom boom boom

More than a month has gone by on thsi blog without a post from me. Here is what has gone on in my life in the meantime:

  • I hosted an epic NYE party.
  • I read about 10 books.
  • I had a birthday (my 25th!)
  • I thought a lot about what I want to do with this blog.
  • I thought a lot about what I want to do with my life.
  • I ate a few sandwiches.

I'm so hipster

This is me, being way too busy to write blog posts

I feel like this month of inactivity, while silly and annoying and kind of stupid, was pretty necessary for me. I thought very hard about pursuing a job 77 miles away from where I currently live, and decided against it. I ran into my old high school English teacher who suggested a new career path that I had never even thought about until now.

Tomorrow I go back to my University and talk to a career advisor about pursuing it.

In the meantime, I plan to start writing about my antiques and misadventures in more detail. I just need to commit to this blog for good!