Things I am going to do as soon as I am finished with my 2 final papers of college.

  • Freak out a little.
  • Sleep
  • Get a cold
  • Watch a whole bunch of Freakazoid
  • Work on an actual blog post for here.
  • Re-install photoshop on my computer.
  • Catch up on My Little Pony.
  • Make some Christmas ornaments.
  • Call the physical therapist about my shoulders
  • Watch some Venture Brothers
  • Do everything I want to do right now but can’t because homework is pressing down on me.
  • Have an epic burnpile where I burn something related to college.
  • Make a helluva bunch of friendship bracelets.
  • Buy tickets for Hawaii in June.
  • Figure out what the heck we’re doing for NYE

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