Things I am going to do as soon as I am finished with my 2 final papers of college.

  • Freak out a little.
  • Sleep
  • Get a cold
  • Watch a whole bunch of Freakazoid
  • Work on an actual blog post for here.
  • Re-install photoshop on my computer.
  • Catch up on My Little Pony.
  • Make some Christmas ornaments.
  • Call the physical therapist about my shoulders
  • Watch some Venture Brothers
  • Do everything I want to do right now but can’t because homework is pressing down on me.
  • Have an epic burnpile where I burn something related to college.
  • Make a helluva bunch of friendship bracelets.
  • Buy tickets for Hawaii in June.
  • Figure out what the heck we’re doing for NYE

I haven’t told anyone about this blog yet

But I’m getting seriously excited about updating. When I have time.

I used to follow up that statement with the word “Someday“, but OH MY GOODNESS I AM GRADUATING IN LESS THAN FOUR WEEKS.

So Someday is getting pretty close to Soon. And I’m so so so excited to blog, post things I’ve found on pinterest, share my views with the world, chronicle my daily life, and just be me, in my name, and completely honest for awhile.

So, until then, I guess I’ll just use this image as a visual to show how COMPLETELY EXCITED I AM about this blog:

Sup kids!

This is a placeholder blog in preperation for some serious blogging.


And I mean serious.


I’m so serious about serious blogging I’m including this image into my post: